Cedar Tick, Flea and Mosquito Spray

Cedar Tick, Flea and Mosquito Spray


I developed this product after checking out the recipe for "Cedarcide," a well advertised, military research based, natural flea and tick killing product. I tweaked it, added neem oil, which is considered a natural insecticide, but also used for brushing teeth in India. Also Added truly mosquito repellant Geraniol this product is very functional but safe. SHAKE WELL before application and apply liberally the first time, making sure the animal is lightly damp with the solution. You cannot overdo the treatment, but subsequent applications can be lighter. As with any repellent, human or animal, repeat applications is dependent on exposure to insects. We apply it every 3 to 5 days in tick season. I spray it on my clothing when I go hiking too! we have been using this for 6 years on our own dogs, as the nicotinoids that are the active ingredient in the spot on flea and tick treatments are being linked to BEE HIVE COLLAPSE, and I am convinced this product is so much better! Cedar tick and flea spray is considered a contact insect killer. YES IT REALLY WORKS! 

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