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Honey Lotions

Our lotions are made with potent macadamia, pistachio, and jojoba oils as well as the powerful properties of honey from our own Wisconsin wildflower honey. Giving you a velvety soft lotion without the greasy feel.

5 great scents in 2 sizes each

100 ml $9.99   and   150 ml $14.99


Heavenly Honey! The honey adds a softness which is never greasy. Other lotions may feel sticky after you put them on - this one never does. Only with this lotion do I get compliments on the scent - it's wonderful without being overpowering.


I love this lotion! It's non-greasy, goes on smoothly and lasts. I use it on my face as well. I tried the Green Tea lotion. It has a light, sweet,fresh scent. In addition to enjoying the quality of the lotion, I am pleased to support a locally, naturally produced product.

Linda D

Love that this product is made from natural ingredients. It only requires a small amount and does not leave skin feeling greasy.

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All orders ship directly from our headquarters in Wisconsin, where we create, formulate, and manufacture our entire line! We're proud to own each step of our products' journey - from collecting our own bees honey and choosing the best ingredient sources, all the way until their arrival at your door. Each product is made with the highest attention to quality and detail.

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