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Nutrient Infused Facial and Honey Skin Care Products

Cackle Bee is the mother brand to Bloom Skin Care and produces a wide range of naturally luxurious, honey and nutrient infused products for your skin that complement the Bloom Skin Care Collection. We use nothing but the finest, safest, pure ingredients. Our reputation has been earned by developing a most loved honey skin care line from Wisconsin.

HONEY! a blessing for your skin.

It is a humectant, attracting moisture, and filled with micro-nutrients and mysterious healing qualities.  HONEY! Slather it on for healthy skin. Our  honey Skin Care products provide all of the benefits without the sticky or the sting.

Our bees make wild forage honey and we use our own honey and bee products, mixed only with the finest natural oils and fragrances to make gorgeous soaps, lotions, facial cremes, and other bath and body care products. Your babies and pets are provided for as well!

READ OUR LABELS! You will know every ingredient!  Natural, NO SYNTHETICS.  ALL of our recipes are based on carefully researched benefits. We only make and sell products that really work, and that we use ourselves. This keeps customers returning to rave and restock and share their discovery with friends!

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